Pick, test and place system


Absolute Robotics delivered a pick and place system to modernise testing within the electronics industry. The company required a cobot solution to work in harmony with the operators to increase production speed and reduce production costs.



Absolute Robotics designed a collaborative robot system to work in sync with operators on a new ergonomically designed workbench. Using bespoke end tooling, with combined gripper and test probe, the robot vision system locates individual fire siren units. It then picks a siren unit up in the correct orientation before placing into the integrated test rig to measure the volume produced as the test probe makes a connection. Depending on the outcome it then places these a failed tray or passes it to the next operator for packing.


The pick and place system not only helped tackle a highly repetitive job for the operators but also increased profit margins for the company. The cobot works the same shift pattern as the workers, helping set a constant production rate and increase reliability of customer testing equipment. Pick and place system are becomingly increasingly common on manufacturing lines across the globe due to their beneficial nature of helping both the operators and investors.