Absolute Robotic have previously worked with Hanover Displays, who are leading manufacturers of LED display technology. They’ve already seen rapid return on investment with our robot systems and were very impressed by our technical expertise in robotics, so they asked us to design and integrate yet another system. Over the previous few months, they had seen a considerable increase in demand for a particular product range. They were unsure whether the task was possible for a robot, so we put our engineers to the test and delivered a ‘proof of concept’ before delivering two dual-robot systems.



Absolute Robotics designed a system for two collaborative robots to work in sync with one another to prepare and test multiple LED panels. Using bespoke tooling the cobot withdraws LED panels from a standard PCB magazine on a conveyor. With help from the bespoke testing rig it then breaks the tabs of the LED panels before performing electrical and visual tests and placing the panel in a storage box. The flexible system allows multiple types of LED panel to run from one system without human intervention, helping meet increased demands.


The dual robot system at Hanover Displays allowed the company to improve its productivity on the shop floor and keep up with increasing customer demands. In the longer term this means Hanover Displays will continue to expand in terms of human and robot workers, delivering their high-quality products to more customers around the world.