Optimising your production process with cobots

Collaborative Robots or cobots are small industrial robot arms that can work alongside your employees, rather than being shut away behind heavy-duty safety fencing. Cobots can pick/place, insert fasteners and many other manual assembly tasks, at roughly a human arms’ length. They can lift items of a few kg in weight and move them at up to 1.5m/s – very similar to what a human can do. Cobots can be used as a flexible approach to automation – achieving automated production at significantly lower cost than bespoke machinery and being re-deployable as production requirements change.

Absolute Robotics supplies, designs and implements fit-for-purpose solutions for customers using the cutting-edge features and technology of Techman’s award-winning cobots in conjunction with peripheral tools such as conveyors and external machine vision.

TechMan Cobots - International Awards

Automate repetitive tasks

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What could cobots automate for you?

Getting the most out of a cobot requires careful system design and task planning. At Absolute Robotics we provide expert advice on the most efficient and fit-for-purpose approach to cobot installation. We can also build systems that integrate a cobot with other elements such as conveyors and storage racks.

Our impact on integration

To see how Absolute Robotics has already made an impact on its customers processes, check out these various case studies.

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